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The romanticization of the angle between Loki and Sylvie is unnecessary and stupid _ by Smritee Neupane
Smritee Neupane

Why is it eternal for a man and a woman to have a romantic angle for a story to sustain?

Why can’t they be companions, play their role in each other’s life and move on?

I have been going back and forth about it since the LOKI series, where the…

It was some months back; I started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It was a fun space for me to forget my thoughts and get lost in their world. With this, season eight got released, and the series has completed its journey to a pleasant end.

Here I tell you, if you…

A picture titled Just another privileged shit, for the text poem
Just another privileged shit.

I am just another privileged shit,

I blurted to myself,

A day with complete cognisance

Subtle recalls to the photographs,

Never occurred before this,

I had been living blind, filled with me,

No scope for people that fail to reflect me,

Ignorance disguised as illiteracy,

Self-indulgent sense, inconsiderate empathy,


Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

I might have been around 15 when I got interested in words and a world of imaginations, stories, poems, essays and so on. I had no idea what would I make of the interest, although I got intrigued by writers, so much so that I somehow wished to get myself…

It’s been over three weeks since they declared a lockdown. It stopped many things, including my final exams and various plans to travel. So, I lay in my bed, the white walls as I stare, provide me with hopes, it’s going to be okay Smritee, the void speaks back, unusual…

How far will you go wandering?

Where do you intend to reach?

Aimless or seeking something specific,

Relentless or a place to rest,

Influencing lives, changing eventually.

Leaving everyone behind,

Loved ones and love, aside,

For the one goal,

Lies in a corner of this globe,

Constantly changing, not a…

With 2020 in its edge, it taught a lot while in its time. From not wanting to die in a foreign land, to locking oneself in a room to survive. The year had me in the first quarter. From searching for ways to calm the mind down to finally, “will…

It was asked on a popular social media platform. They had a set of characters who went through different edges of beliefs, circumstances and experiences. Eventually, they fall in love. “And is it okay?” They asked.

Why not!

I have been trying to decode love for years, and I claim…

Back in time, I did this exceptional blog about Tea making. I talked about how I like to make the most perfect tea for me. I dropped a short (perhaps not) tutorial about making a beautiful cup of tea. It was a milked tea, the most favourite for us Nepalese…

A terrarium I created
A Terrarium made by Smritee Neupane

About a month ago, I found out this brilliant concept of Terrarium, all thanks to the Internet. The possibility and the actuality of creating a plant ecosystem inside a closed container intrigued me. I researched further on how one can execute it at home. I looked upon several websites, then…

Smritee Neupane

A space to share my thoughts in the most poetic way, creating stories and to raise a voice.

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